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Let's be real: most personal finance books are BORING! Your brain wants stories, not seminars. Learn money basics from insightful stories, with a splash of sass.

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"Yanely's writing will make you actually laugh out loud at times. She shares her stories of someone who experienced the ups and downs of figuring out how to handle her financial life and lays out exactly how you can avoid some of the same mistakes"
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Erin Lowry, author of the four-part
Broke Millennial series
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About Yanely

Yanely Espinal is a Brooklyn-born ball of energy! She's an educator with a gift for storytelling and a passion for explaining financial concepts in a straightforward way.

While working as an elementary school teacher, she decided to change her financial life by paying off $20,000 of debt in just 18 months. In 2015 she started MissBeHelpful, a YouTube channel that now has over 4 million views, to help others learn the money skills she never learned in school. Her book, Mind Your Money, was released in May of 2023 and quickly became an Amazon Bestseller, with thousands of copies sold in the first month.

Yanely is the Director of Educational Outreach for Next Gen Personal Finance, a nonprofit working to ensure that every high school student gets a full semester of personal finance education. She's also the host of Financially Inclined from Marketplace, a video podcast for teens about money lessons for living life your own way!

Mind Your Money

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Book Chapters


Shh! Don't Talk About Money

A childhood memory exposes the taboo of discussing money and the importance of financial education.


Get Your Mind Right

Build the right mindset to defend yourself against manipulative marketing and psychological traps.


Don't Bank with Mean Girls

Learn how to choose the right bank for you by understanding the American banking system.


From Struggle Bus to Syllabus

What exactly is a credit score and how can you get a good one?


Get Out of Debt Your Way

How do you stay motivated while paying off your debt? Find your "Root Why" to change your bad habits!


Budget Better

Google, Amazon, TikTok, and Instagram track your sending habits... do you?


Investing: Set It and Forget It

Build generational wealth with the simplest data-driven strategy that beats paying for a money manager!


Conclusion: Break the Cycle

Be courageous, seek support from others, and take immediate action.

Early Praise for
Mind Your Money!

Check out these reviews from some of the first people to read Mind Your Money :

Yanely demystifies personal finance and provides practical advice on how to manage your money in the twenty-first century. If you need help getting out of debt, understanding the banking system, or getting started with your investments, then this is the book for you.‍

Nick Maggiulli
Author of Just Keep Buying

Yanely gently bamboozles you into thinking you're just reading engaging, hilarious, super-relatable stories, when secretly she's Trojan-horsing in all the money lessons you need. Mind Your Money feels like I'm chillin' on a couch talking life with my brilliant money bestie.

Berna Anat
Author of Money Out Loud

There are books that talk at you about money, and then there are books that make you feel like the author is sitting right next to you. Mind Your Money is relatable, funny, and full of money tips that will make you feel like you've found the perfect money mentor.

Kevin L. Matthews II
Author of From Burning to Blueprint

Yanely is that friend we all wish we had when we started making money. The friend you could go to with all your questions because they would never shame or judge you. Reading Mind Your Money is like having Yanely right by your side while you navigate all the different challenges and opportunities created by money.

Delyanne Barros
Host of CNN's Diversifying podcast